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Mental training for Performers

Are you a singer, an actor, instrumentalist, teacher, presenter or other kind of performer? Then this might be just the thing for you!

Mental training known as Ownership Balance is founded on the understanding that technical craft/skills and mental flexibility are two essential sides to performing. Unforseen things happen in the course of a performer`s career and the key to a balanced mental health is in understanding how to deal with the `unforseens´ or the challenges that arise when they happen. Many performers have focused on training their craft/skills less than training their mental health.

Ownership Balance creates awareness on how to keep a flexible mind through the following perspectives: 
The performer`s narrative; The performer`s cognitive strategies and attention training; The performer`s relations and The performer`s bodily symptoms and sensations. Working with these perspectives we can achieve a balance between the anatomical/physiological – WHAT I CAN DO – and the mental – WHAT I THINK I CAN DO. It´s a bespoke, individual process; We create awareness and work on imbalances!


Ownership balance = you own the key to your balance!

Can you relate to some
of the following thoughts and symptoms:

– Did I practise enough?

– Feeling ill or sick before and maybe long before a performance, just from the thought of having to do it?

– Will the audience like my performance?

– Feeling tension all over before a performance?

– If this performance goes wrong it will affect my future prospects?

– Maybe I was not meant to perform?

– Not sleeping well?

– More emotional than normal?

Overall, these thoughts and symptoms are normal; we all have thoughts, emotions and worries, the problems can occur when these thought or symptoms take over and we find ourselves caught in reactive state.

About Me

My name is Lise Liv Skovgaard. I am a psychologist, a vocal coach and a singer/performer myself. For the past 16 years my vocal coaching work has involved assisting performers technically as well as mentally.

I am as a therapist working with private clients and I am working specifically with people experiencing stress, anxiety (social and performance anxiety) and depression. Socrates is credited with the phrase: “All I know is that I know nothing”.

When thinking about or experiencing our limitations we have two choices: get scared or accept. When we accept, we experience a flexibilty of mind, that gives us the best possibilities to deal with our challenges ! Our goal, then, is to learn how to keep a flexible mind.

Ownership Balance is about sharing strategies to help performers with their most crucial lesson; how deal with the things we can not change and change the things we can.

Price for one session 1200 DKR/160 EUR ( 50 min session)

Special offer: Book 3 sessions and get 25 % off

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Be your own Mental Captain!